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Social Media Marketing

With digital media growing in popularity and importance every day, you need to secure your space on all social media platforms with high quality content that curates engagement. For example, one strategy we use is to cater content to the specific social platform. What works well on Instagram might not work as well on Linkedin. Not only that, but using industry standard automation tools allows us to schedule posts days, weeks, and months in advance so you never fall behind on your posting schedule.

Keeping up with trends and staying relevant with your content is a difficult task for a business owner to undertake. Leave it to us and you can worry about running your business the way you want.


Using industry standard software such as google analytics along with built in social media analytics, we will be able to quickly and accurately track your growth over time. We will be able to see what works and what doesn't when it comes to getting your business views, likes, comments, follows, and more. We will then use this information to turn your social media platform into a beast that puts out content that drives engagement and sales.

Content Creation

Here at our headquarters, we have state of the art equipment and software. Whether you want to come to the studio for a shoot in front of the green screen, or you want us to go to you for drone shots of your building, we've got you covered!

We can take as much of the burden of content creation as you want us to. We can take it from the planning stage through the execution, or anywhere in between. We will utilize the software we have at our studio to edit and curate your content until it is perfect and ready to post!

Email Automation

Whether it's reaching your entire client base, or segmenting lists for a specific nurture stream, we have the experience and know-how to do so quickly and effectively. Using industry standard software such as activecampaign, we will be able to set up and execute email marketing campaigns for you with ease and precision.

Writing Services

iDayDream Studios hosts a suite of writing services to fit all your needs. We can help you write a book, a blog, and sales funnels! Whatever the task, we can do it! Check out our blog with the link below.

Production Services

Video Services

iDayDream Studios is here to help you with any and all of your video production needs! Whether it's an ad for your business or a video to remember a special event, we got you covered

Our team if full of professional videographers who are ready to shoot and edit your videos. You get the special opportunity to experience a video shoot with either Chris Mateo or Kenny Vasquez, or if you're lucky enough, both! We have a track record of recording some of the best music videos in Danbury. We can record up to (3840 X 2160 resolution) at up to 60 fps. To provide you with the best video quality out of anyone else. If you're looking for a professional with 10+ years of video experience, look no further than right here!

Check out what we have to offer and schedule a free consultation!

Photography Services

Are you a photographer? or perhaps you're a model. Or perhaps, you're both?! Either way is fine with me. Ultimately, chances are that you want to check out our photo production services. Just like with our video services, we off picture quality up to 4k! Not comfortable taking the picture yourself? No worries, we got you covered. Our dream team member, Kenneth Vasquez specializes in photography. He has two cameras and a huge portfolio of photo's taken by him. Use this opportunity to make Kenny an asset to your photography needs!

Check out what we have to offer and schedule a free consultation!

Audio Services

We do all of our recording in our studio v room. We also have our podcast area over in our mixer room. no matter which you choose, you won't have to worry about a thing when it comes to editing. all of the mixing and audio editing is done by use here in the studio. With a team that's always audio mixing almost everyday, it's no wonder why we're the best choice for audio editing. all you need to worry about is recording your voice and we'll take care of everything else.

Website and Graphic Services

Need a team to design a website for your business/brand? Or what about graphics to put on your website? Our team members specialize in website & graphics. We have multiple team members working on websites everyday, whether if we're designing for the studio or our clients. chances are though, we're designing them for our clients. What if you're looking for graphics? Look no further as our team also specializes in image editing programs such as Canva, photoshop or even illustrator. look no further. we'll handle your designing needs.

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