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iDayDream Studios

At iDayDream Studios, we are a Full-Service Media Agency specializing in
Online Marketing, Branding & Production!
We develop marketing and branding campaigns to market and manage your business to the next level. Using industry leading tactics and top secret marketing hacks. Our in-house methods have been developed over 10 years, helping us take multiple brands from no hope to Profit and Media Tours.
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Our Mission

We set to show
the Profit Value of
Creative Expression!

Who is iDayDream Studios

iDayDream Studios is a collective of creatives focused on bringing creative expression to local business. We use our creative visuals to capture the emotions of a customer and help others relate to your business. With compelling stories and narratives we create the heros journey to your business. Let us build your business vision as only you can see.

Meet The "Dream-Team"

Motivational Chris
Founder & CEO
Over 5 years in Creative Marketing & Management. He started the iDayDream community out of a need to serve the Creatives that face the same problems he did.
Co-Founder & COO
Over 8 years as a Recording Artist & Creative Director. He started the iDayDream Community out of a need to solve his own Creative Roadblocks. .
Charlotte Mateo
Human Resource Director
Masters Degree in Business and Human Resource Global education on human resource 
Genna Barnes
Special Affects Director
Make Up Artist

Glen Edwards

News 12 Host

"im excited about this

What we do?

We become your outsourced marketing and media team. Helping you stay up today on the latest trends and topics. While creating capturing campaigns that drive customer leads and sales.

Why we do it?

iDayDream was founded by and for
Creative Dreamers!

Being a business owner is hard and having your vision showcased to your vision can be hard, We want to give everyone the opportunity to showcase their product or service to its highest potential. We capture the moment that becomes the Dream.

What People say!

Freelance Writer
"it wasn't hard for iDayDream to learn of my dream and passion.Their challenge was helping me to discover my worth, and they have more then succeeded."
Bryan T
Founder of
Think Different Coaching
"I am naturally passionate and know the "why" of my business. However i had trouble with the "how" of reaching my customers and getting them to buy into my business. Chris and his team were able to help me get savvy to social media and help me develop a strategy for getting more customers.
Educational and helpful i would definitely recommend iDayDream to any e-commerce business."
Netta S
Creative Freelance
"The Showcasing and profit opportunities this network has provided go  beyond words! Definitely a must for any Creative Freelancer"

iDayDream Record in Review

30+ Events
50,000+ in Reach
Over $5,000 Donated